Gentle Births and Beyond 

Gentle by name Gentle by nature ©

I am the mother to two beautiful girls. They bring the utmost joy to my life each and every day. My life changed completely the moment they were born and they redefined for me what love truly is. My birth experiences remain fresh in my mind. They were simply amazing! Two different settings-my first being born in hospital complicated with pre eclampsia and and my second born at home in water, yet two very similar normal births. The common factor was having a midwife I knew and trusted supporting me in a gentle and caring way throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond....

I qualified as a midwife in 2006 and have since worked in a variety of clinical and specialist roles within both hospital and the community setting. My vocation began at Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea hospital; a tertiary referral unit. After working my first year on their busy delivery suite I commenced my role providing one-to-one care within a caseloading team, this role fulfilled all that being a midwife means to me; care was seamless and individualised and enabled me to truly be with the woman and her family at such a precious time in their lives. The ability to provide care from the antenatal period, during labour (including home and hospital births) and provide postnatal care is uncommon within modern midwifery practice, yet the benefits to the mother and her family speak volume. My role as an infant feeding midwife at St George's Hospital further enhanced my clinical skills, knowledge and experience; a stepping stone in my career progression. As part of the infant feeding team, we successfully achieved Unicef Baby Friendly Status full accreditation for the trust in 2014; A proud moment within my career thus far. 

My current practice is as an independent midwife; providing private midwifery care with the aim of bridging the gap that some women feel they may not be able to achieve from their routine antenatal or postnatal care provider. The antenatal and postnatal services offered are tailored to meet your individual needs. You and your family are the main focus and your wishes are listened to, I bring to you my knowledge and experience confounded with current evidence based research. Thus enabling you to make fully informed decisions about your care with your family, aiming for you to feel fulfilment as well as trusting and valuing your total experience. 

Besides my work and my family life I am currently undertaking my masters in Public Health, as well as a breastfeeding specialist diploma which will enable me to sit the Lactation Consultants exam. I am thoroughly enjoying my learning and gaining a new wealth of knowledge to further support my practice.