Gentle Births and Beyond 

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Breastfeeding Support

90 Minutes home visit:

£175 - Includes breastfeeding support and/or assessment of tongue tie only 


£75 per additional hour thereafter


£250 - Includes feeding support and tandem feeding support and advice, and oral assessment of tongue tie only. 


Breastfeeding Support Via Video Call

£50 - Includes a 30 minute video call consultation, to assess positioning and attachment and answer any queries or concerns regarding feeding, ideal for follow up feeding support.

£95 - Includes a 1 hour consultation to assess correct positioning and attachment and answer any queries or concerns regarding feeding as well as an individualised feeding plan devised. 

Tongue Tie assessment and division

90 minutes home visit:

£195  - Includes assessment of tongue tie, frenulotomy (tongue tie division) and feeding support for both breast and/or bottle feeding. 

£175  - Includes assessment of tongue tie and feeding support, as well as if a division of tongue tie is not deemed to be necessary or cannot be performed for any reason, or you choose not to have your baby's frenulum divided.


£280 - Includes a full assessment of tongue tie for both babies including frenulotomy where required. As well as feeding support and tandem feeding support and advice. If only one baby has a tongue tie requiring division then the above fee applies as applicable for one baby

Follow up visits:

£75 per hour - Follow up fee for further feeding support following a tongue tie division initially performed by myself. 

In the rare instances where a tongue tie division has formed adhesions or reoccurred a second division may be required, this will incur a reduced fee of £75 to cover travel and time expenses, providing that the initial tongue tie division was performed by myself. 

  • All Evening and weekend consultations incur an additional £20 fee 
  • An additional mileage fee of £1/mile is added for travel to North and East London, Kent and areas that are more than one hour travel time 

Examination of the newborn

£180  a home visit for the full examination of your baby within 72 hours of birth

Intensive Breastfeeding Support 

£850 - Daily home visits for 7 days to support with the establishing of breastfeeding.

Antenatal Care Package

£2500 -  Full care package  


Postnatal Care Package

£2250 - 6 weeks Postnatal Care package (22 home visits)

£2000 - 4 weeks  of care postnatally (18 home visits)

£1800  - 3 weeks of care postnatally (15 home visits)

£1500  - 2 weeks of care postnatally (10 home visits)

£850   - 1 week of care postnatally   (7 home visits)

Postnatal care packages are tailored to your individual need aiming to support you as you transition into parenthood. Do get in touch to discuss how I can best support you on your parenting journey.