Gentle Births and Beyond 

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Breastfeeding Support

90 Minutes home visit:

£150 - Includes breastfeeding support and/or assessment of tongue tie only 


£50 per additional hour thereafter

Tongue Tie assessment and division

90 minutes home visit:

£195  - Includes assessment of tongue tie, frenulotomy (tongue tie division) and feeding support. 

£150  - Includes assessment of tongue tie and feeding support, as well as if a division of tongue tie is not deemed to be necessary or cannot be performed for any reason, or you choose not to have your baby's frenulum divided.

Follow up visits:

£75 per hour - Follow up fee for further feeding support following a tongue tie division initially performed by myself. 

In the rare instances where a tongue tie division has formed adhesions or reoccurred a second division may be required, this will incur a reduced fee of £75 to cover travel and time expenses, providing that the initial tongue tie division was performed by myself. 

- All Evening and weekend consultations incur an additional £20 fee 

- Mileage fee £1/mile to North and East London, Kent and areas that are more than one hour travel time

Examination of the newborn

£180  a home visit for the full examination of your baby within 72 hours of birth

Intensive Breastfeeding Support 

£850 - Daily home visits for 7 days to support with the establishing of breastfeeding.

Antenatal Care Package

£1500 -  Full care package  


Postnatal Care Package

£1500 - 6 weeks Postnatal Care package

£1200 - 4 weeks  of care postnatally 

£1100 - 3 weeks of care postnatally

£850   - 2 weeks of care postnatally

£500   - 1 week of care postnatally